Sempai Junior Robert McInnes

Sempai Junior Robert McInnes

Shorin Kempo Hombu dojo celebrated the birthday of Sempai Junior why just turned 18 yrs old , Sempai started training at Shorin Kempo at the age of 3 years old and had never missed a day . He has accomplished so much for his age which has set him on a path to be a great teacher ,
2007 he completed the last of the 50 man kumite with head punches and 8 oz gloves, in 2008 he first represented Shorin Kempo in the Kyokushin Union Samurai cup, from then he has represented the Shorin Kempo Hombu in over 20 international tournaments in Japan, he was the 2012 Okinawa open Karate champion, 2013 adult division 3rd place Okinawa Open Karate champion , 2012 3 rd please Osaka under 18 Open Karate champ, 2013 wko under 18 world Champ, 2013 Sth east Asia open Karate Champion and last of all on his only second boxing fight he won the Thailand Regional AIABA golden Gloves welterweight title .
Happy birthday junior , you are a great representative for Shorin Kempo , we are all proud of you