I just finished a long phone conversation with one of this country’s top Business people and what he said to me really made Sence , we were talking about loyalty and friendships . He said the more influential you get the harder it is to know who are real friends and truly loyal to your cause.  He said it gets harder to know who are just there for the ride and use you for the security of a wage or because the environment you have built suits their current needs.  Then he said lets do some math… All the people around you that prase what you do that collect a wage, how many would stay to support your cause if you went broke tomorrow, now keep that number in your head…. Now how many of those would jump ship at a blink of an eye and blame you if you went broke . Now let’s talk about friends in business …if you were to go bust today and loses everything , how many of those so called friends who did business with you would say , it’s ok , win some lose some , we will make it up some where down the track or even step up to help , remember that number…. Then how many will change their attitude and come at you guns blazing and blaming you . Remember that number…. How often do people call each day for help in some form or another?? Remember that number. If you were broke how often would the call ……?   Can you remember all the people you have helped over the years , all those that have benefited from your actions.   Now weigh that up with those who would reach down and help you get back on your feet if you were broke.   Now it’s time Telly the points…..

In most cases the answer will be between 0 to 3

Think about it , form the hundreds to thousands you have supported there will be only 0 to 3 people who are real and you could garuntee to be there to the end , and help you clime back. That’s what your accomplishments truly equate too.   So next time you have to make a desisson , you owe it to yourself to do what benifits you first. And if that means you have to turn your back and walk away , do it , because when the money stops you can beat they will do it to you..

Makes you think huh