there are many different theory’s out there as to the best method to create that famous knock out punch .  Most of the fighters I’ve trained are famous for their knock out ability . My secret to developing this is purely simple . The system is the same as I use to teach boxing , K1 , Kempo , Muay Thai or stand up MMA. 

It’s all about uterlizing you whole body in that split second impact happens . 

Power doesn’t come overnight . 

Step 1 .. You need to build confidence in you mind that your hands are like steel.  To do this you need to train concert rating on the angles of the punch so as there is no weak point in the movement or when impact acures  , this is done my training with bare hands so as you are more conscious on how to hit without damaging your wrists or knuckles. So that’s the first thing . Punch a sand bag every day 1000 times a day , harder and harder each day until you are at full power, with no fare of spraining your wrist or pain in your hands.

Step 2…you need to build strength in your tendons from your big toe all the way to the fist . And you need every mussel and tendon to work simontaniously  . How do we do this ??? The fastest is to get 2 balls , stand on them and start punching the heavy bag as hard as you can . You will notice every mussel and tendon will work at the exact same time or you will fall off . When you can hit the bag full force and maintain balance , you are well on your way.

Step 3… Repeat step 2 but with a pad holder . 

The above will create mussel memory and a perfect understanding of balance and weight manipulation , with complete confidence to throw a full power punch with no fare of injury . Now imagine the extra feeling of confidence when you hands are taped and you got gloves on. 

The next is knowing when to punch and getting the body weight . If you have done the above then you will have a great understanding of the conversion of body weight to kinetic knockout power . 

Step 4… You need a pad holder who truly understands the angles and when a punch can obtain the most potential from the position of the fighter and his or her body movement  

Sifu Kancho