Many students have requested clarity in relation to proposed gradings for shodan etc in South Africa. 

The rules are that before a student is aloud to grade the Sensei or Shihan must complete the form requesting grading permission 90 days prior to grading date . 

The Kaikan then checks the students ID card and grading history and times between grade to ensure that they meet Shorin Kempo standard criteria . 

Once this is completed then the Sensei and student will receive a letter of authority to grade . Providing the perimeters and syslibus match the required grade . 

At this time No instructor had requested gradings nor completed the process to hold a grading and any grading held with out following procedure would be deemed void in accordance with Kaikan rules .

The Kaikan wishes to thank those students and instructors who have contacted the Kaikan for your diligence in wanting to follow the regulations . 

It is the rules that protect the level and standard of the Kaikan instructors 

Shorin Kempo Kaikan