” No matter how turbulent the water becomes is is still water . Friendship is the same …. it is still friendship . … like the river of a mountain if it was calm all the time the water would not sparkle with freshness , it’s the rapids where we see the true virtue of the water where it tastes the best , friendship is the same , past the test of time and your friendship will sparkle as it will be proven”  her is to 20 years Shihan George, and 40 years my friend Shihan Charlie and a life time Senseï Martin, Soshi Sugihara and Shihan Itchicawa and the list goes on. I just want to say thank you to those who stood by me for decades, with out waiver. Sometime friendship is taken for granted , but as I lives become shorter we begin to see and aprechiate  what we once took for granted more and more. I also want to say on this 40th year of teaching, to my Shorin Shihan, our family is strong and I’m proud of each and everyone of you, and to my students and black belts who sacrifice so much to learn . I makes it all worth while. Last of all as I glanced across to floor I saw Junior and Shihan George working out together with the katana when it seems not that long ago Shihan was bouncing him on his knee and teaching him Kumite waza now he has become a teacher in his own right, which almost bought tears to my eyes, as he guided Shihan through the Katana waza