So proud … this was the toughest Kumite ever. The two round super fights with no extensions allowed ment fighters had to leave it all on the mat. Takatugu Naito powered through to win his super fight against the Iran world Champ Dezhpasand Naito was too strong. while junior and Fukuchi punched on for two rounds leaving knowbody understanding who had won as the fight was so close , all the judges under Kancho Adimer D costa control awarded a hikiwaki (draw) . Due to no further extensions being allowed in the super fights , the center referee had the final say . The referee also awarded a draw and for the first time a draw was give and this leaves a rematch on the cards for Japan ,so now we have two champions in one division . Tenta Onodera show the world his technical ability against Sina of Iran . Another exciting fight was that of Yuyu Nagata bed Eldar of Ukraine the 2017 WKB champion battled it out leaving Nagata the winner . Jabari had a great fight and won on a split decision over Yuto. 

And the final of the winner of the 10 year anniversary tournament was Mehrdad Ramezani of Armenia with an epic battle against Yuuhei Ashitaka . 
This was definitely the hardest Kumite ever held by the WKO . Also the head of JKJO Shihan Shihan Masahiko Watanabe showing is support for the WKO by bringing his champion Yuta Goto. Kancho Kazuyoshi Ishii also supporting the WKO by sending Ren Ito the Seipp Kaikan All Japan champion. Kancho Pedro Roiz the president of the WKB pledged his support to the wKO and a new executive member . With the support of these new members The doors will open all around the world for Karateka to compete on a even platform. 

The camp catered for over 165 karateka from all over the world with some of the greatest teachers and kick boxing MMA boxing and karate taught seminars and passed on knowledge .