Shorin Kempo wins the gold

Shorin Kempo wins the gold

It was great for the Shorin Kempo top team team

Who got 2 Gold,7 Silver and 7 bronze medals at the Armenia kyokushin Open

Shihan Andranik Hakubiyan , head of Armenia Kyokushin Karate and he agreed to increase his activities in WKO and has asked us to send him and Armenian team invitation whenever WKO or Shorin Kempo has a tournament in Thailand or japan

Shorin Kempo Lebanon

Shorin Kempo Lebanon

Wednesday: 3 April 2019

The lebanese shorin kempo branch in Bourj sports academy BUDO Harake has participated in the all Lebanon universities tournament in the conferences hall at the Lebanese university- Hadath – by 5 fighters won 5 medals:

In presence of : representative of the sports minister-

Representative of the lebanese army chief

Representative of the Lebanese general security chief- representative of the Lebanese internal security forces – the president of the Lebanese university- and the

kyokushin federation vice president

Lebanese shorin kempo Results came under the flowing:

1st place🥇

Mira karazi (visual sciences)

Serena nasser (Criminal Sciences)

3rd place🥉

Ibrahim hamdoun (physiotherapist)

Abbas Nasser (computer engineering)

Mohamad mallah (Business Administration).